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Demo Daycare: Why Are You Coordinating So Many Vendors?

Demo Daycare: Why Are You Coordinating So Many Vendors?

When trying to balance multiple companies responsible for different parts of the design-build process, the communication and execution can sometimes become a bit, well, painful. Having a designer (or team of designers) passing the plans onto a manufacturing company and then being installed by yet someone else can leave a lot of room for error. So, how do you prevent the project hiccups before they turn into catastrophic burps? Easy! Use a one-stop shop. These are pains that come with using multiple vendors for your project, and how using a full-service vendor with a turnkey approach can prevent them.

Help! I have to make changes!

Using a one-stop shop gives you an advantage that most cant: changes can be made on the fly! With the design department in constant contact with manufacturing, the customer has the ease of accessibility and communication. Having a way to make changes easily and quickly allows the channels of communication to open, and saves time throughout changes.

Help! My final products don’t match!

When using multiple vendors for your projects, it is hard to plan for uniformity in the finished product. Color and material can sometimes vary between vendors, and the last thing you want is a design that doesn’t match. The best way to eliminate the variation that exists in manufacturing is to use a single vendor who will ensure that the same color, material, and style will go into each piece.

Help! Something broke during installation!

The quality of installation is not something you want to leave up to chance. Accidents happen, but you want to know that it isn’t going to ruin your installation. Now what? Normally the process to fix a project “oops” has to go through many different channels, but with one shop doing all the work, your installation team can work with their manufacturing department to fix the mistake in a much shorter amount of time.

Help! I want to know my vendor is catching mistakes!

When design, manufacturing, and installation are all working closely with each other, vendors have a greater ability to spot mistakes before they happen. While using multiple vendors creates a barrier of communication, using a single vendor with full in-house capabilities allows the communication to be flowing and for many people to be giving full attention to your project. Don’t settle for the “that wasn’t my part of the job” excuse anymore!

So the next time you think about working with multiple vendors on your next project, consider how our one-stop shop here at Southeastern can help ease your babysitting pains.

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Southeastern Products is a full-service industry leader in retail decor, fixtures, design and product display. Our turnkey approach allows us to design and build retail interiors that create loyalty, generate word of mouth, attract customers, and increase sales. We raise the bar in the décor/fixture/marketing space. We educate the retailers that don’t know about us (yet), that providers of this type are not all the same. We are the new generation design-build.

January 1, 2015

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