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NSF/UL Displays

Southeastern is one of only a handful of fixture manufacturers in the United States that manufacture pastry displays listed by the National Sanitation FoundationĀ® (NSF) and Underwriters LaboratoriesĀ® (UL). Our team also designs and manufactures high-quality fixtures specifically for merchandising coffee to your customers while they shop.

Custom Fixtures

Some applications require custom fixtures. Our skilled installers carefully measure the space where the display fixture is required. These measurements are communicated to our production staff along with additional specifications unique to the environment.

Lighting Solutions

Lighting is a key element for any sales floor. Lighting tells a story about your product, your sustainability efforts, and can create a dramatic setting that enhances the design of the store. Southeastern takes an innovative approach to developing trellises for our clients and partners with companies at the cutting edge of sustainable lighting technology. The results are responsible lighting solutions with a positive impact.

POP Displays

Displays at the point of purchase are an important driver of discretionary spending by consumers. Consumer decisions can be influenced in the sales area of the store and promoting a product with a display is an effective communication tool between you and you customers. Designing and engineering these displays requires a detailed approach to ensure that your brand and product are stylishly presented to your customers.

Custom Millwork

Custom wedges and fillers are produced economically and with the same quality standards as our high-end woodwork. Our craftsmen ensure a perfect fit to cover unused areas to better utilize your unproductive sales space. Every inch of retail space is important, even between cases, and is an opportunity to merchandise product. Our team considers this when designing wedges and fillers so that our wedges and fillers serve a functional role in your stores.

Floral Stations

The floral display in a grocery setting shows your customers something very important. Your customers can see just how fresh the product is and the quality and care with which it has been prepared. Having Southeastern design, manufacture, and install your floral displays and workstations will show your customers that you care about quality and the freshness of everything you offer your customers.

Wine Displays

Other fixture manufacturers group wine displays in with produce, bakery, floral, and grocery displays. At Southeastern, we know that your customers do not buy wine the same way that they might buy apples, or fresh baked breads. Wine is often the most important element of any prepared meal. We design, manufacture, and install custom wine displays not only in retail spaces, but also in wineries and upscale restaurants all over the east coast. You know how special that bottle of wine is to your customers.

Custom Counters

Southeastern has a state-of-the-art woodworking facility where we produce custom counters, cabinets, and work stations for customer service, floral, deli, pharmacy, or any other areas where you need counters. In addition to working with laminates and solid stock, Southeastern is solid surface certified. Our craftsmen have the capability and knowledge to manufacture these counters in-house and on-site to ensure the highest quality.