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There are a staggering number of variables for a retail chain to manage during new and remodel projects. Don’t worry. Our experienced staff coordinates all installation dates and manages delivery of every product to ensure that all decor and fixture elements arrive with care and on schedule.

Market Renewal

A remodeled store can create a positive, significant impact on a brand. Some retail chains are multiplying that impact by remodeling several stores in the same area, concurrently. The result of a market renewal is often a rejuvenated brand presence, higher customer traffic, and improved sales. Southeastern’s team has managed and completed 20 market renewal projects with stores numbering between 20 and 65 within a single market area.

Rollout Management

Marketing campaigns involving signage or displays can be difficult to manage. Success or failure of such a campaign can depend on the timeliness of manufacturing, the understanding of each store’s specific needs, and the communication among a network of personnel at both the corporate and store level. Southeastern’s team works with clients to ensure the project is planned and executed with exceptional accuracy and promptness.

Client Support

Southeastern refuses to be just another vendor. Our team’s focus is fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with each of our clients. We understand that our clients’ success will ultimately benefit us in the long term. Communication and visibility into each project’s status and progress is key to keeping projects on budget and on schedule. Our team is available to assist our clients around the clock.


Our installation teams are comprised of some of the industry’s top craftsmen, ensuring the fit and finish of every decor and fixture element is perfect. Not only will we create the perfect space to engage your customers, but we will set it up so that you have nothing to worry about installing on your end.

Project Management

Communication is the key to success in remodel and new store projects. Southeastern Project Managers are the best in the business. Their ability to predict and react to changes in scope and schedule ensure promptness, quality, and clear communication with our clients’ representatives.