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6 1/2 Things We Do that will make you want to take us home to meet your parents.

6 1/2 Things We Do that will make you want to take us home to meet your parents.

1. We encourage you to investigate.

We want you to check us out. We want you to scour our past, present, and future. We want you to see our 30+ year record of dynamic success, our financial stability, and our 125,000-square-foot facility. Why? Because we want you to know we’re not going anywhere. We’re solid and steady, while still being creative and crazy.

2. We hold planning sessions.

Planning sessions are like happy hours to us. By making a map, we’re able to stick to the path and get the job done on time. It’s also a way to get to know our customers really well, which helps us create an experience – not just a checklist.

3. We like to show off.

Sure, we’ve got youth, energy, and creativity on our side. But we’re talking about the big guns: our 3D printer, CNC routers, dowel machines, just to name a few. Not sure what that means? Basically, we’ve got the equipment to bring some hella serious interiors to life. We challenge ourselves to execute whatever we can dream up. And our interiors are always top-notch.

4. We keep it all under one roof.

By keeping control over all aspects of a project, we stay ahead of deadlines and under budget. In-house design means we can give immediate feedback and kick off production fast. Plus, having it all – design, creation, installation – means a fully knowledgeable staff familiar with hurdles and challenges faced by each service, so a solution is never far from reach.

5. We assign a project manager.

Your Project Manager will be with you through thick and thin. Project Managers are partners, and field all communication between us and you. They oversee installation and make sure everything goes off without a hitch. They’re essential, because they bridge any gaps and make sure all the bases are covered.

6. We take the time to know your people.

We get to know your staffers, what they’re like, and what they want. We know who is frustrated by poor vendor communication and bad quality returns. We know who has limited budgets to pull off marketing roll-outs and seasonal displays. We know who stares at the ceiling at night, wondering if their vendor is going to back out mid-project. By knowing your fears, we can help to reassure you of our strengths and differences. We know you. We get you. And we’re ready to rock.

6 ½. We see the next half of the future.

Let’s talk about the future. We’re not shy about the industry, and we’ve got the inside track. Let’s talk about where you want to be and how to get there.


October 3, 2014

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