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5 Magic Tricks to Get Designers to Keep Their Promises AND Move You to the Top of Their List

5 Magic Tricks to Get Designers to Keep Their Promises AND Move You to the Top of Their List

Getting a designer or a team of designers on your side while working on a project can be painful (though if it is, you probably aren’t using Southeastern). To help, our design team has come up with these 5 magic tricks you can use to get your designers to help you out and get the finished product you want.

1. Narrow Your Scope

In order for designers to come up with quick ideas it is best to try to narrow your ideas down to something as concise as possible. Getting a clear vision of what you want allows designers to go from a broad spectrum to a much more specialized one. Have an idea of what theme, color, feel and texture you want.

2. Grant Accessibility

Allow your designers to get into your store and understand your environment and customers. This knowledge will help them understand how to best design for your store. Some suggestions from our design team: have information about geographic location, per capita of families who shop there, average cart size, data in sales, hair color preference (okay just kidding that might not be the most helpful) and any other information that could be useful to your designer.

3. Create Double-Sided Communication

Stay in communication. This doesn’t mean to call at 3 a.m. to discuss your late night snacking, but don’t be afraid to call with ideas and questions (at a reasonable hour please). Ask to take a look at a quick draft and open the dialogue. This helps the process move along and keeps design from being stalled.

4. Make it a Partnership

You should design with the client not at the client. By creating a partnership you can stay involved in the process and also let the designers know you’re paying attention. Plus, you helping out while the design is going on will leave less room for error and give you a finished product that you really love.

5. Keep the Work Flowing

Make the call or shoot the email! Make sure that your project is still in your designer’s mind and to let them know that you haven’t let it slip through your thoughts. Stay involved in the process if you want to stay important in your design teams eyes.

If you follow these simple tricks, you may be surprised how responsive and helpful your designers can be in getting the end product you want. Just remember, designers are people, too!



Southeastern Products is a full-service industry leader in retail decor, fixtures, design and product display. Our turnkey approach allows us to design and build retail interiors that create loyalty, generate word of mouth, attract customers, and increase sales. We raise the bar in the décor/fixture/marketing space. We educate the retailers that don’t know about us (yet), that providers of this type are not all the same. We are the new generation design-build.

October 2, 2014

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